24W LED Street Light

The 24W LED Street Light is a new, energy saving product that utilizes high-power LEDs as a light source. Solar street lights using LED technology generate a very powerful and targeted crisp white light of excellent quality, which significantly improves color redentions and night visibility.

The high intensity, low power consumption solar powered LED street light provides illumination without any running cost asn being mains free, it can be positioned anywhere.

As it provides a wide area of illumination, this solr street light is excellent for both residential and commercial use.



Photovoltaic System Specification
Photovoltaic Module : 115/120 Watts
Voltage : 12V
Charge Controller : Temperature Compensated With Satus Display Protects Battery From Overcharging & Discharging
Battery : VRLA/SLA 12V 130AH (Total)
Operation : Automatic Dusk To Dawn Operation or timer control option
DC LED StreetLight Spcification
Dimension : 55 X 10 X 95cm (L X W X H)
Power : 26W
LED Color : Cool White
LED Luminous Flux : 74.5 lm/w
Intensity : 24 Lux (4M Height Central)
LED Light Source : Nichia 083(BT) X 24
Protection Class : IP65
Lifespan : 40,000 Hours
Application : Parks, Parking Lots, Roadway, Compounds, Playgrounds